The gompertz exponential pareto distribution with the properties and applications to bladder cancer and hydrological datasets

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Adewunmi Olaniran Adeyemi
Eno Emmanuella Akarawak
Ismail Adedeji Adeleke


Many existing distributions in literatures does not have the modeling fits capacity to adequately describe the real-life phenomena. The Exponential Pareto (EP) distribution has further gained some generalizations among several authors using different generator techniques with an aim to obtain a new distribution with greater flexibility. This article proposes Gompertz Exponential Pareto (GEP) distribution using the Gompertz generator. Findings from the study revealed some lifetime distributions as special cases and mathematical properties of the distribution investigated including the mean, variance, coefficient of variation, quantile, moment, moment generating function and, order statistics. The distribution can be positively or negatively skewed. It is unimodal with failure rates whose shapes could be reversed J bathtub, constant, decreasing and, increasing and the parameters were estimated using maximum likelihood estimation approach. Applications to two real-life datasets revealed the ability of GEP distribution to provide more flexibilities and better fit to the dataset compared to some previously proposed distributions for the data. The results also revealed that GEP had the superior performance over other generalizations of EP distribution existing in literatures and the performance has further strengthened the usefulness of the Gompertz-generator technique.


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Adeyemi, A. O., Akarawak, E. E., & Adeleke, I. A. (2021). The gompertz exponential pareto distribution with the properties and applications to bladder cancer and hydrological datasets. Communications in Science and Technology, 6(2), 107-116.
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Eno Emmanuella Akarawak, University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Department of Mathematics, Lecturer 1


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