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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)

The effect of synthesis temperature on structural, morphological, and band gap energy of plate-like Bi4Ti2.95V0.05O12 prepared by molten NaCl/KCl salt method

Kanty Maryani, Nelly Safitri Anwari, Widiya Nur Safitri, Arie Hardian, Ervina Dwi Inggarwati , Anton Prasetyo


Ultrafiltration membranes for dye wastewater treatment: Utilizing cellulose acetate and microcrystalline cellulose fillers from Ceiba Pentandra

Romario Abdullah, Dinia Astira, Utari Zulfiani, Alvin Rahmad Widyanto, Zeni Rahmawati, Triyanda Gunawan, Yuly Kusumawati, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman, Hamzah Fansuri


Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite/SiO2/gelatin composites as bone scaffold candidates

Indah Wahda, Syaharuddin Kasim, Maming, Hasnah Natsir, St Fauziah, Yusafir Hala, Andi Muhammad Anshar, Andriani Usman, Windasari, Indah Raya


On the characterization of EM emission of electronic products: Case study for different program modes

Tito Yuwono, Mohd Hafiz Baharuddin, Hristo Zhivomirov, Elyza Gustri Wahyuni


The renewable energy research contribution of Tanzania: A review

Buruhan Haji Shame, Ubaidillah, Dominicus Danardono Dwi Prija Tjahjana, Zainal Arifin, Muhammad Aziz, Widyanita Harwijayanti, Mohammed M. Haji


Preparation, synthesis and characterizations of La0.7Sr0.3Mn(1-y)Ni(y)O3 alloy

Jan Setiawan, Ferry Budhi Susetyo, Dwi Nanto, Silviana Simbolon, Hamdan Akbar Notonegoro, Taufiq Al Farizi, Yunasfi, Dinda Tihera, Ramlan


Physico-chemical characteristics of Ca/P ratio on the composition and structure of oxygenated apatite

S. Jerdioui, H. Bouammalia, E. Mejdoubi, R. Touzani, K. Azzaoui, Belheir Hammouti, R. Sabbahi, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, L. L. Elansari


Improving the activity of CO2 capturing from flue gas by membrane gas – solvent absorption process

Maysoon Anwar Abdulla, Mugdad Hamid Rajab, Jasim I. Humadi, Harith Noori Mohammed


Simulation and optimization of fatty acid extraction parameters from Nannochloropsis sp. using supercritical carbon dioxide

Ivander Jonathan Kim, Aris Romadhon Subkhan, Rakha Putra Prasetya, Yuswan Muharam


Synthesis of silver (Ag) nano/micro-particles via green process using Andrographis paniculata leaf extract as a bio-reducing agent

Achmad Chafidz, Suharno Rusdi, Imam Nurrahman, Haryanto, Agam Duma Kalista Wibowo, Adi Kusmayadi, Danang Tri Hartanto


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